Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the story behind the Northern Star Originals logo?
A. Star blankets have always be inspired by the heavens – so too have Northern Star Originals, which is reflected in our heaven-oriented, star-burst, looking down to bless. The half-star of our logo, which can be seen and is oriented from the heavens, represents the tangible Northern Star Original that is used to comfort a person from a physical perspective. The top half of the Northern Star logo is not seen, but inferred, and represents the insubstantial and spiritual qualities of the blanket – the deep cultural and historic significance they possess.

Q. What materials and fabrics are used in the star blankets?
A. The outer shell of our blankets is made from a 65/35 blend of polyester and cotton. We use this high performing material to ensure comfort, colour-fastness, durability and washability. The interlining of our blankets are 100% unused, hypoallergenic, spun polyester. This super-soft, silent, and high lofting fill provides great warmth, comfort and works with the top stitching of the star and boarder to give dimension and strongly define these features.

Q. How should I care for my Northern Star Original?
A.To best protect what most often becomes a family heirloom, we recommend laundering your Northern Star Originals on the Gentle Cycle using cold water, and then hanging to dry. Dry cleaning is not recommended as chemicals at some cleaners may compromise longevity.

Q. Can I custom order specific colours, designs or sizes?
A. Yes! We can accommodate most requests for specific colours, designs or sizes. Please contact us to discuss various considerations.

Q. How accurate do the colours on the web-site match the colours of a Northern Star Original?
A. The colours reproduced on monitors and through printers can vary significantly and can’t accurately capture the texture, shimmer, and tonal qualities of our Star Blankets. While we trust that you will be taken with the precision, beauty and the balance of colours on a Northern Star Original, we can’t guarantee that the colour will exactly match what you see on your monitor or on your printed page.

Q. What are the measurements of your King, Queen and Baby Blankets?
A. Because all our blankets are hand-crafted, the size of each varies from Artisan to Artisan and from blanket to blanket. The artisans tend to be generous with the sizing of the blankets, but the size of the King, Queen, and Baby’s are roughly, 92”x86”, 86”x76”, and 44”x44”.

Q. I ordered a Baby Blanket and expected a 44”x44” blanket. My blanket measured almost 48”x48”. Why is that?
A. Again, because Northern Star Blankets are hand-crafted, the measurements can vary from Artisan to Artisan due to seam allowances, style, etc.

Q. What are the shipping and handling costs for the star blankets?
A. Located at the top of the product page, shipping and handling charges are $35 for the first two blankets and $10 for each blanket after that. These charges include insurance.

Q. What sales tax is applicable?
Manitoba Orders
Manitoba orders have GST (5%) and PST (8%) applied.

Canadian Orders
Canadian orders that have blankets shipped by a Common Carrier out of the province of Manitoba have only GST (5%) applied. The exception are the provinces where HST must be charged: Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick-13%, PEI-14%, Nova Scotia-15%.

American/International Orders
No GST or PST is applied on American or International orders.

I have Treaty Status, do I have to pay tax?
No, you don’t. However, our Provincial and Federal Legislation requires that we collect and remit tax unless our product is sold to a Status Indian or Indian Band when delivered by common carrier to a reserve address. Also, while we are working on accommodating Status consideration through our web-site automatically, we ask that you contact us directly so that we can adjust the invoice accordingly.

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