The Northern Star Worker Co-op Story


Northern Star Worker Co-operative is owned and operated by a multi-cultural blend of artisans, including First Nations and Metis women, who sew traditional and contemporary Star Blankets of exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable beauty within the heart of Canada’s largest urban Aboriginal community.
In the early nineties, a group of women began sewing together at a local resource centre. After honing their craft and developing their collaborative work culture, the reality of a commercially viable opportunity began to emerge. Incorporating in 2000, these women began what is now known as Northern Star Worker Co-op. The Co-op is located in the heart of Winnipeg’s Core area, a neighbourhood with a rich history, but wrestling with a number of social and economic challenges. Contrasted against these challenges is Northern Star Worker Co-op – a proud example of hope and opportunity, where Aboriginal culture is preserved and promoted.
A proud member of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and the Community Development Business Association of Winnipeg, Northern Star Worker Co-op is dedicated to democratic ownership and decision-making, and committed to respecting co-workers, customers, suppliers, and the community in which Northern Star members live and work.

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